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drippy lyrics sidhu moose waladrippy lyrics sidhu moose wala
Drippy Lyrics Sidhu Moose Wala Mp3

Drippy Mp3

Drippy Sidhu LYRICS

Rann eh sambhni
Landuan de vass na
Dulli phiran tere te
Tu paa de mainu thall ve

Life ajj kal ve
Bharosa ki ae saali da
Dekh tainu samajhke
Veham naiyo paalida

Ho kad-kaath dekh ke
Malwe de jatt da
Ve looh kanda khada hoi janda
Majhe aali da

See he had a plan
Yeah, look!

Sidhu Moose Wala

See he had a plan
I bought the van and squeeze on a trigger
As fast he can
Make sure it don’t jam
And he’ll get the band
He’ll bring the money right back to his fam

This is on you, it’s not on me
It’s in your hands, do you understand?
Don’t get nervous, just stay focused
Aim at his dome, where he stands

All of these b!tches is just a distraction
All of these, all of these fashion
All of these love and all of this madness
All of these guns and all of these action

Damn! All of this drilling and all of this trap
And all of the bodies that’s droppin’ and hittin’ the floor
Wo… Just so tragic, f*ckin up rather do this on my own
I’m by myself stop hittin’ my phone
I realize a lot and that I’m grown
I don’t need nothing, I’ll do this alone

Yeah, how can I tell if that was my dog
If he’s moving shyy see, if she was a h0e
Then how can I trust her when she say she wifey
Stop playin’ these games
Cuz I need streets, the sh!ttin’ get pricey

Could cost you your life, so don’t think I like me…

Ho nehde nehde lagg na
Reh maithon gap te
Bhalna main labhna ni
Insta snap te

Dalla ikk maarna
Ajj tere saamne
Tu aithe aa chill te
Te jatt ae trap te

Glock meri lap te
Te 30 da clip ae
Ankh jama khidi ae
Te shooter drip ae

Bhannke main tappju
Tu chehra mera bhullgi
Bahar bina number ton
Khadi meri bipp ae

Te vairi mera RIP ae…

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